New edition in 2022

The ungoing uncertainty around Covid-19 has brought us in a very difficult position. After carefully considering all options, we have to share the sad news that we have cancelled The Great Divide for 2021. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has lasted much longer than we anticipated.

Of course, we have looked for solutions to offer a well-organised tour. Unfortunately, we cannot be confident that we can offer a high-quality Great Divide Tour for you as it wouldn't be good to be on the road with an inexperienced crew that cannot offer the level of support and high quality service that we are accustomed to. It’s a combination of factors that we had to make this sad decision.

The Great Divide is for all of us "a journey of our lifetime" and we want to offer a great experience for the good reasons, and not for some potential bad reasons. We fully intend to run a well-organised complete Great Divide Tour from Canmore, British Columbia to Antelope Wells, NM in 2022 with a high level of confidence.

The new start date for The Great Divide is
Tuesday August 16th, 2022.

The website and documentation has been updated for the edition of 2022.

The American cycling Dream: crossing the United States by bicycle. Many riders have cycled the United States from East to West or the other way around. Of course, a great achievement.
It is probably a bigger challenge to traverse the United States from North to South over the dirt roads of the Rocky Mountains, following the Continental Divide. The divide of roughly 2,800 miles between Canada and Mexico splits the North American Continent in two. Drops of rain that fall on your left side flow into the Atlantic or the Gulf of Mexico. Drops on your right side will find their way to the Pacific. The drops of sweat from your brow will evaporate in the thin air of the Rocky Mountains or fall to the trail. This is the trail of
“The Great Divide” !!!

Bike Adventures LLC, which organises The Great Divide, is an Authorized Permittee of the National Parks Service.